Gaby Amarantos


Get down with Gaby Amarantos, the reigning queen of technobrega, “Beyonce of Pará,” and hypercolor aficionado behind one of Rolling Stone’s most anticipated albums of 2012.   The album is called Treme, she’s launching it after Carnaval in February, and Xirley is the first hit single off the album:   Tecnobrega, literally “tacky techno,” is a dizzying […]

Hipsters Down South


Exhibit A:  BandaUó.   Mickey Mouse sweater? Check. High-waisted hot pants on a transgender singer in a Hard Rock t-shirt? Check. Hawaiian print, mustaches, glitter lipstick, blood and a hypercolor ginger? Check check check check check. This is Shake de Amor, a cover of Willow Smith’s brilliant Whip My Hair, by tecnobrega band Banda Uó: Banda Uó is part […]



Tecnobrega, literally “tacky techno,” is a mash-up of music genres and revenue models in northern Brazilian city of Belem. Ronaldo Lemos, a professor at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, breaks it down in an excerpt of the digital music documentary Good Copy Bad Copy: Chris McGowan, author of The Brazilian Sound, writes about the tecnobrega business model in Huffington […]