Street Signs


 SHINE AND FLOW — Street signs in and around Santa Teresa, my favorite place I’ve ever lived. Let’s take a ride! Stenciled over someone’s mailbox. I prefer to live in sin than lie in prayer. Love and hate. And Tinder. “Filho da puta” is the Brazilian equivalent of “son of a bitch” but translates to […]

I <3 Santa


 I start at the arches of Lapa. Or Flamengo Beach. Or the Selaron steps. Or the metro stop in Gloria. If I’m in a rush, or wearing heels, or carrying groceries, or I want to feel the breeze on my face, I ask one of these guys to take me up the hill to Santa […]



  Another Carnaval comes and goes. This is the Carmelitas bloco in Santa Teresa. Carmelitas has been paying homage to a nun’s convent in the Santa Teresa neighborhood since 1991. Legend has it, one of the nuns jumped over the convent wall during Carnaval and mixed with the revelers. Maybe even with these dudes! Or […]



“It’s a pleasure to be in Prazeres” – damn straight. Head up the mountain towards Christ the Redeemer, past Santa Teresa, take a right when you see this guy and you are in a place called Prazeres. Prazeres means “pleasures” in Portuguese. Street art everywhere. This smurf fresco represents Rio’s soccer rivalry in four parts. Fluminense […]