Balance Pedaling


  Carolina Bergier is a writer, journalist and photographer who left Rio May 5, 2011 in search of many things, most of all herself. Now she´s returned a traveler  in her hometown. Written, translated and republished courtesy of Carolina Bergier, Finding Balance Pedaling was first published March 13 in Quando o Mar Se Abre. Last Thursday was the […]

Rio Photographic


“Visions from on high. The hilltop casts its pespective on the city. Youth living in pacified communities in Rio present their perceptions in O Meu Rio Fotográfico.” O Meu Rio Fotográfico is now on exhibit at Largo das Artes in downtown Rio. The view looking out. Photographs by thirty-four photography students from favelas across the city. Opening day. […]

This Photo is Illegal


This photo is illegal. This photo of rush hour at the Botafogo stop of Rio’s metro system is also illegal:   This one too. In fact, this entire photo series was taken illegally:   After I took this picture, the gentleman in the neon vest warned me, “Taking photos in the metro is not permitted.” […]