Hipsters Down South


Exhibit A:  BandaUó.   Mickey Mouse sweater? Check. High-waisted hot pants on a transgender singer in a Hard Rock t-shirt? Check. Hawaiian print, mustaches, glitter lipstick, blood and a hypercolor ginger? Check check check check check. This is Shake de Amor, a cover of Willow Smith’s brilliant Whip My Hair, by tecnobrega band Banda Uó: Banda Uó is part […]



Tecnobrega, literally “tacky techno,” is a mash-up of music genres and revenue models in northern Brazilian city of Belem. Ronaldo Lemos, a professor at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, breaks it down in an excerpt of the digital music documentary Good Copy Bad Copy: Chris McGowan, author of The Brazilian Sound, writes about the tecnobrega business model in Huffington […]