Rio SlutWalk


Rio Slut Walk // Marcha das Vadias   November 14, 2015 — Photos from the 5th annual Rio SlutWalk, or Marcha das Vadias, in Copacabana Beach. Matias Maxx did a great write-up on what went down for VICE Brasil, so I’m going to translate some of what he wrote here: A few weeks ago, on […]

“Better Without Him”

betterwithouthim 160x100

Translated from Terra Online, Operation catches 22 suspects of aggression against women in Rio, 11/24/11: To symbolize a firm attitude on International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro undertook a big operation to resolve approximately 40 arrest warrants for assaulters. The action, called “Operation Better Without […]