Rio SlutWalk


Rio Slut Walk // Marcha das Vadias   November 14, 2015 — Photos from the 5th annual Rio SlutWalk, or Marcha das Vadias, in Copacabana Beach. Matias Maxx did a great write-up on what went down for VICE Brasil, so I’m going to translate some of what he wrote here: A few weeks ago, on […]



6/28/15 — Two days after the US legalized gay marriage, and 46 years after the Stonewall Riots in Greenwich Village, LGBT activists gathered in Copacabana to march in defense of their civil rights. Gay marriage has been legal in Brazil since 2013, and same-sex unions were legalized in 2004. Despite legal gains, one LGBT person […]

Quiosque Culture


Rio’s South Zone beaches, Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, have been suffering years of gradual upgrades that painting over Rio’s vibrant beach culture with retro-futuristic tackiness. There are new police units, the Tourist Police, in attractive cut uniforms, protecting tourists from petty assaults, harassing barefoot young black children with numbing frequency, occasionally raiding the pot smoker’s […]

World Cup Protest


Brazil has spent billions of dollars in taxpayer money on the World Cup and illegally evicted up to 200,000 families across the country to make way for World Cup infrastructure projects. Including residents of Favela do Metro, who were evicted at gunpoint to make way for a parking lot for Maracana stadium in Rio that […]

Another Copa Bloco


It’s pre-Carnaval in Rio, and Rio is already a hundred-something deep into a superpartyschedule of over 500 street parties. Most of them are nothing like the mega-spectacle you’re imagining. They’re chill out, neighborhood affairs, like this bloco in Copacabana. Above: The Skate Gang holds court to Ja Rule in a Petrobras parking lot in Copacabana […]

The Gay Pride Parade


Sunday afternoon in Copacabana Beach and I’m out at sea. The sound of Rihanna blasting from a thousand speakers draws me in to shore. Let’s take a closer look! I have just paddleboarded into the 17th Annual Gay Pride Parade. IT’S A CELEBRATION BITCHES!! Thirteen semis with sound systems brought to you by Grupo Arco-Iris. […]

Live at Strip Erotika


  Erotika is a strip club in Copacabana. Linox is a band with a new album. They meet over whiskey and feathers. Erotika is a strip club in the Prado Junior district, one of dozens of inferninhos (“little hells”) where you can meet  prostitutes in Copacabana. Linox took over last Wednesday for the release of their […]

Skate Gang


Carnaval Sunday, Copacabana Beach. The Skate Gang (Gangue dos Patins) freestyling to Ja Rule – I Wonder.   Skate Gang – I Wonder from RioChromatic on Vimeo. Check out the Skate Gang online and on Facebook.

Copacabana Fire Dept


“We are firemen, nothing human leaves us indifferent”    

New Years After Party


The last of the 3,800 orange-clad street sweepers in charge of cleaning up after the biggest New Year’s party on the planet put the finishing touches on Copacabana Beach, New Year’s Day 2012.   The biggest New Year’s party on the planet went down last night in Copacabana Beach, where over 2 million people dressed […]