Another Carnaval comes and goes. This is the Carmelitas bloco in Santa Teresa. Carmelitas has been paying homage to a nun’s convent in the Santa Teresa neighborhood since 1991. Legend has it, one of the nuns jumped over the convent wall during Carnaval and mixed with the revelers. Maybe even with these dudes! Or […]

Banda de Ipanema


It’s Carnaval in Rio, and today Ipanema transforms into a mega-party as 80,000 people take to the streets for the Banda de Ipanema parade.      

Orquestra Voadora


Flamengo Beach is about to get crazy. It’s time for the Flying Orchestra! The Orquestra Voadora (“Flying Orchestra”) is a band of musicians that met in 2008 playing in different Carnaval street parades and decided they wanted to bring the funk year round. Their Carnaval party kicks off at 3pm on Carnaval Tuesday. The crowd gathers. The band rolls […]

Another Copa Bloco


It’s pre-Carnaval in Rio, and Rio is already a hundred-something deep into a superpartyschedule of over 500 street parties. Most of them are nothing like the mega-spectacle you’re imagining. They’re chill out, neighborhood affairs, like this bloco in Copacabana. Above: The Skate Gang holds court to Ja Rule in a Petrobras parking lot in Copacabana […]

Skate Gang


Carnaval Sunday, Copacabana Beach. The Skate Gang (Gangue dos Patins) freestyling to Ja Rule – I Wonder.   Skate Gang – I Wonder from RioChromatic on Vimeo. Check out the Skate Gang online and on Facebook.

Operation Carnaval


Rio just finished throwing the biggest street party on the planet. But will there be enough port-a-potties for World Cup?   After Carnaval in Rio went off with a record 5 million partiers – and without major incident – the international press had to find some more creative angles. Reuters notes that despite an aggressive campaign against peeing in […]