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The World Indigenous Games went down last week in Palmas, Tocatins, a landlocked state in the middle of Brazil’s agro-business heartland.   Brazil’s Ministry of Sports hosted the event with the UN Development Program (UNDP), bringing together 24 tribes from Brazil and as far as Canada, Lapland, Mongolia and New Zealand to compete in sixteen events from […]

Banda de Ipanema


It’s Carnaval in Rio, and today Ipanema transforms into a mega-party as 80,000 people take to the streets for the Banda de Ipanema parade.      

Separated Lovers


For me, the magic center of Rio de Janeiro is its Botanical Garden. But I should denounce the fact that this magical center harbors a tragic episode: the separation of two lovers. The lovers are still in the garden, the nymph Eco and Narciso But further from each other than when they were alive. The […]

Night Walk


Nightfall in Ipanema. At the end of Ipanema beach There is a palm tree tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, the cars disappear and it’s all boardwalk and beach. Victor is charming passing ladies into buying him pizza. He wants you to see his skateboard. This is the end of Ipanema. Where the boardwalk […]

Surfing Munich

surf de rio em munich 7_2

November, 2012: Rio artist Andrea Brandani snaps a girl river surfing in Munich. Photography courtesy of Andrea Brandani.   More RioChromatic: From Andrea to Munich Ipanema artist Andrea Brandani is going to Munich at the city’s request to paint the town any color he feels like. Let’s see what (or who) he’s packing in his bag.   […]

Ipanema Frames


October in Ipanema. Kickball in Arpoador. Sunset over Dois Irmãos. Original photography by @jruv, shot in time lapse mode with a GoPro Hero2.  

Rio Doggies!

IMG_8732 2

Rio doggies, everywhere!   Doggie on the beach. Doggie in the street. Carnaval doggie in Copacabana. Dachschund doggie. “Cachorro quente” is Portuguese for hot dog. This doggie is at a BBQ with Don Blanquito. This dog is up for adoption in the Bairro Peixoto in Copacabana. This dog is up for adoption too, thanks to […]

Skate Gang


Carnaval Sunday, Copacabana Beach. The Skate Gang (Gangue dos Patins) freestyling to Ja Rule – I Wonder.   Skate Gang – I Wonder from RioChromatic on Vimeo. Check out the Skate Gang online and on Facebook.

Operation Carnaval


Rio just finished throwing the biggest street party on the planet. But will there be enough port-a-potties for World Cup?   After Carnaval in Rio went off with a record 5 million partiers – and without major incident – the international press had to find some more creative angles. Reuters notes that despite an aggressive campaign against peeing in […]

Arpoador Freestyle


Summer afternoon freestyle in Arpoador, the magical east end of Ipanema Beach.   Watch more: Six scenes of lazer, or workout leisure, in Rio’s South Zone.  (via RioChromatic) Five minutes with football freestyle legend Fernando Pitt in Copacabana. (via RioChromatic)