Operation Carnaval


Rio just finished throwing the biggest street party on the planet. But will there be enough port-a-potties for World Cup?   After Carnaval in Rio went off with a record 5 million partiers – and without major incident – the international press had to find some more creative angles. Reuters notes that despite an aggressive campaign against peeing in […]

New Years After Party


The last of the 3,800 orange-clad street sweepers in charge of cleaning up after the biggest New Year’s party on the planet put the finishing touches on Copacabana Beach, New Year’s Day 2012.   The biggest New Year’s party on the planet went down last night in Copacabana Beach, where over 2 million people dressed […]

Floating Christmas


Rio de Janeiro inaugurated the world’s largest floating Christmas tree this week with a crowd of 10,000 spectators and a fireworks show that would have put Disneyland to shame.   That’s right, floating Christmas tree. It floats in Lagoa, a lagoon bordered by some of Rio’s most famous neighborhoods, including Copacabana and Ipanema. And it doesn’t just […]

Favela Melodrama


Let’s call this genre favela melodrama.   In Deadly Games, ESPN writer Wright Thompson swings from a helicopter and wonders what it’s like to be shot at in a post-apocalyptic picture of Rio de Janeiro gang warfare that literally opens with a burning cross and ends with a reference the devil. Favela melodrama, popularized by Brazilian […]

Rio’s Big Brother


The biggest surveillance screen in Latin America spans 860 square feet in a new building called the Ops Center that most residents of Rio de Janeiro don’t even know exists. 80 interchangeable digital panels project live video feeds from 450 cameras and three helicopters, plus a dizzying array of tricked-out Google Maps of schools and […]