Vai Lacraia

jruv_lacraia 2

This is a lacraia, and this bug will fuck you up. I saw four military police with machine guns stomping it to death on the sidewalk in Ipanema. They paused for a photo. Surreal. From a study of lacraia bite victims in Sao Paulo in the 1990’s: “The most frequent clinical manifestations were erythema, edema, […]

Jacare dos Patins


Jacare dos Patins, (literally, “the Skate Alligator”), blowing your mind at the Batalha do Passinho in the City of God. You read that right. Passinho is a new wave dance battle culture coming out of Rio de Janeiro. Like funk (and samba long before that) passinho comes out of Rio’s favelas, but it’s very much a […]

Bonde das Maravilhas


Meet the tween queens behind Brazil’s butt training meme.  I first heard about the Bonde Das Maravilhas (literally “Train of Wonders”) last year from a lady giving me a bikini wax in Copacabana Beach. When she found out I like funk music, she told me I had to check out this group of girls on YouTube […]

Live at Strip Erotika


  Erotika is a strip club in Copacabana. Linox is a band with a new album. They meet over whiskey and feathers. Erotika is a strip club in the Prado Junior district, one of dozens of inferninhos (“little hells”) where you can meet  prostitutes in Copacabana. Linox took over last Wednesday for the release of their […]

Diplo Magic


  Love Diplo. This is his new music video, Express Yourself, and it just hit the web. Diplo and a DJ named Marlboro brought Brazilian funk international in the mid-2000s. Check out their 2005 profile in The New Yorker and read up on the origins of The Funk Phenomenon in XLR8R, which calls Marlboro the “godfather of favela funk.” Want to […]

Mariana Aydar Live


Happy Birthday Bob! Mariana Aydar gifted Rio with a gorgeous open-air sunset show in Arpoador, the surf section of Ipanema Beach, on Bob Marley’s birthday. (Sponsored by Matte Leão, the Coca-Cola owned unofficial iced tea of Rio de Janeiro. Sorry for the juxtaposition). Mariana Aydar is an MPB artist – that’s shorthand for Musica Popular Brasileira, a […]

Castle Rock Funk


Rio’s new police forces may have shut down the famed funk parties in Vidigal and Rocinha, but the Sunday night funk party in Rio das Pedras has been going hard for years.   Since Rio’s pacification forces (UPP) have been retaking control of strategically located and highly visible favelas like Vidigal and Rocinha from drug traffickers, they’ve […]

Don Blanquito


Meet the kind-of Eminem of Rio’s kind-of hip-hop scene, but SO MUCH HARDER. The New York Times calls him Rio’s Bravest Gringo. His stage name, Times correspondent Simon Romero says, roughly translates to “Sir Whiteboy.” Real name: Alex Cutler, born and raised in Los Angeles, MBA from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. But to fans of Rio’s […]

Sou Foda!


Sou Foda (“I’m the shit”) is the best worst music video of 2011, and with over 11 million views, one of the biggest memes to hit the Brazilian web this year. The group is called Os Avassaladores, literally “The Overwhelmers,” they’re five friends from the Vigário Geral favela in Rio, and they’re about to overwhelm your face off: Are […]

Gaby Amarantos


Get down with Gaby Amarantos, the reigning queen of technobrega, “Beyonce of Pará,” and hypercolor aficionado behind one of Rolling Stone’s most anticipated albums of 2012.   The album is called Treme, she’s launching it after Carnaval in February, and Xirley is the first hit single off the album:   Tecnobrega, literally “tacky techno,” is a dizzying […]