Bieber’s Brothel Visit


Justin Bieber visited a brothel this weekend in Rio de Janeiro, and if anyone out there has doubts as to whether the place he went to was actually a brothel, I can confirm it for you. Justin Bieber went to a brothel. But not just any brothel. Centaurus, two blocks from the sand in Ipanema Beach […]

Phone Sex


“Horrific,” he says. “How is a child supposed to use this phone? “ I’m in Praça Tiradentes in downtown Rio, and I’ve just taken this picture of phone sex… public phones adorned inside and sometimes out with sex ads, mostly for travestis, as far as I can see… one of the last visible vestiges of a sex […]

Sayonara Centauros


  Luxury brothel smackdown in Rio de Janeiro. The Olympic City takes aim at a pricey brothel popular with tourists in its latest effort to clean up Rio’s image abroad. In my first story for The Atlantic’s new city-specific edition, AtlanticCities, I report on the Rio+20 raids, where an ultra-expensive sauna brothel called Centaurus, along […]

on Gringos


Thaddeus Blanchette is a professor of anthropology at the Federal University in Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). He wrote about gringos for his masters dissertation and in Nossa Senhora da Help, a 2005 paper on Copacabana sex tourism. Blanchette talks about what it means to be called a gringo in  the April 2002 issue of BadSubjects, a […]