Detour: Inhotim


I’m 300 miles north of Rio in the largest gathering of palm trees in the world. I’m in the middle of nowhere surrounded by art. This is Inhotim.

jruv_P1090346_2 jruv_P1090270_2 jruv_P1090277_2 jruv_P1090263_2 Cildo Meireles – Inmensa jruv_P1090260_2   jruv_P1090252_2 Edgard de Souza – Untitled jruv_P1090211_2   jruv_P1090274_2 jruv_P1090307_2 jruv_P1090295_2 jruv_P1090312_2 jruv_P1090368_2 Galeria Adriana Varejão jruv_P1090360_2 jruv_P1090365_2 jruv_P1090412_2 Cristina Iglesias – Vegetation Room jruv_P1090280_2 Dan Graham – Bisected triangle, Interior curve jruv_P1090428_2 Matthew Barney – De Lama Lâmina jruv_P1090317_2 Marepe – A Bica jruv_P1090247_2 Galeria Miguel Rio Branco jruv_P1090378_2 Valeska Soares – Folly jruv_P1090387_2 Chris Burden – Beam Drop jruv_P1090403_2 Galeria Cosmococa jruv_P1090395_2 Giuseppe Penone – Elevazione DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO Olafur Eliasson – Viewing Machine jruv_south's gate Exit through South’s Gate.