Jacare dos Patins

Jacare dos Patins, (literally, “the Skate Alligator”), blowing your mind at the Batalha do Passinho in the City of God.

You read that right.

Passinho is a new wave dance battle culture coming out of Rio de Janeiro. Like funk (and samba long before that) passinho comes out of Rio’s favelas, but it’s very much a post-funk paradigm:

The dancer replaces the DJ or MC at center stage. It’s battle format, but high camaraderie. It’s dominated by male dancers, but the vibe is decidedly pro-homo, flowing across gender borders with the same ease Joao Xavi argues passinho dancers move between battlegrounds in a pacifying patchwork of favelas.

I filmed this video during an interlude at the Batalha do Passinho on St. George’s Day in the City of God, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but props to Coca-Cola for sponsoring this madness.  The movie by the same name is now over a decade old, and it’s also time to retire some of our City of God-era images of favela as a bad, bad word.

Jacare dos Patins, also known as Carlos Jaccinto, is a fixture in Rio’s street art scene. He got his first pair of skates in 1994 when he was still in the Brazilian Marines.

From Gustavo Malheiros’ Anônimos Famosos:

I like to animate the people in the streets. I like to pass them my energy.

The people in the streets are so stressed out, they need to receive the affection of the Jacare dos Patins.

Gosto de animar a galera da rua. Gosto de passar a minha energia para eles. 

O público da rua anda tão estressado, eles precisam receber o carinho do Jacare dos Patins.


This is a RioChromatic original production, filmed on São Jorge’s Day, 2013,  in Rio de Janeiro. Você é Show, Jacare dos Patins!

Like what you hear? You’re listening to this year’s Passinho do Volante, now at 33 million views:

For more on passinho culture, read Jez Smadja‘s excellent breakdown on the passinho movement in DuttyArtz and Joao Xavi’s read on genderfucking flow (in Portuguese) in Overmundo.


This featured video in this post was filmed on a GoPro Hero3, God’s gift to filmmakers.