“It’s a pleasure to be in Prazeres” – damn straight.

Head up the mountain towards Christ the Redeemer, past Santa Teresa, take a right when you see this guy and you are in a place called Prazeres.

Prazeres means “pleasures” in Portuguese.

Street art everywhere.

This smurf fresco represents Rio’s soccer rivalry in four parts. Fluminense smurf with the flower is for the rich fans; Botafogo Smurf is in the referee colors; Flamengo smurf is spraying red on Vasco smurf.

A gym with a view.

The plaza at Prazeres.

Keep climbing.

They passed / the best days are gone / and unexplored

And silent / promised / for future paradises

Now you’re at the top.

And this is the view.

Original photography by Julie Ruvolo. 

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