Hipsters Down South

Banda Uó in Modismo Magazine

Exhibit A:  BandaUó.


Mickey Mouse sweater? Check.

High-waisted hot pants on a transgender singer in a Hard Rock t-shirt? Check.

Hawaiian print, mustaches, glitter lipstick, blood and a hypercolor ginger? Check check check check check.

This is Shake de Amor, a cover of Willow Smith’s brilliant Whip My Hair, by tecnobrega band Banda Uó:

Banda Uó is part of the tecnobrega tacky electronica movement from Brazil’s rural northeast, a genre heavily influenced by Rio de Janeiro’s funk music.

They got their start with Nao Quero Saber, a cover of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream:

Check out the cuts of street vendor goods (like sunglasses and fake purses) in the video. Street vendors are a central part of how tecnobrega music gets circulated.  Tecnobrega producers pass their mixes to the street vendors, who bear the cost of copying and distributing the music in the street but also keep all the profits. The artists get promotion for tecnobrega mega-parties in return, according to Brazilian professor Ronaldo Lemos in the documentary Good Copy Bad Copy.

Their newest video is Rosa, a mash-up of The Strokes’ Last Nite:

Banda Uó plays January 21 at Clube Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro.


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